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December 29, 2012 / restlessbeat

Promo mixes pt 1/2


22 September 2012

Promo mix part 1

‘#03’ – d’Eon
‘Utopia’ – Jackson & His Computer Band
‘Somewhere (Deep in the Night) – Onra
‘Mountains pt. 2-3’ – DJ Rum
‘Mirador De Las Estrellas (Mudd’s Murgi Morisa Remix)’ – Soft Rocks
‘Martin’ – Matthias Zimmermann
‘House Music is a Controllable Desire You Can Own’ – Dj Sprinkles
‘Hara Sun’ – Roswell Return
‘Cairo’ – Kamp!

Part 2 | DJ Duck

‘Ducktails (Ada remix)’ – Basteroid
‘Refugee Hipster feat. Jimmy Edgar’ – Barker & Baumecker
‘Moses’ – Sascha Funke, Nina Kraviz
‘Arcimboldo’ – Axel Boman
‘Rapture’ – Marcel Fengler
‘Masalla’ – Luciano
‘Seems like’ – Fenin
‘PMT (Beatless Mix)’ – Dr Motte, Gabriel Le Mar
‘Gaberdine (Infant Mix)’ – Walls


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