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March 13, 2013 / restlessbeat

Elliot Clarke


Elliot Clarke

Thursday 14 March 2013

Autechre – ‘Bine’
MFS – ‘Tabun’
Voidloss – ‘The Light Fell Through His Fingers’
Allan Nonamaka – ‘Obscure Craving’
Luis Ruiz – ‘Pleiadians’
Allan Nonamaka – ‘Ambitious Fantasy’
Nathan Fake – ‘Narrier’
Jeff Mills – untitled loop a
Sleeparchive – ‘Ronan Point 1’
MLZ – ‘OneState
Sandwell District – ‘Immolare (Function Version)’

Elliot Clarke is a Brisbane based DJ and co-founder of OK Kana. OK Kana began in 2007 as a covert event organized through SMS. The party was hidden until a few hours before the first beat kicked. This ‘concrete espionage’ was an attempt to entice a pursuit of everything that encapsulated why Kana were first attracted to electronic dance music. Since then they have ventured inside the club and have continued to build themselves around quality techno.

“at a fundamental level it’s all about what’s going on when all the pretty lights turn off and you’re left trying to make sense of how you’re going to instigate your own assault on the things you love.” – Elliot Clarke


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