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April 10, 2013 / restlessbeat

Rikki Newton


Thomas Bayrle, ‘Dance Baby Dance’, 1970/2010, 220 x 140 cm, silkscreen on plastik

Rikki Newton

Thursday 11 April 2013

Deep Space Orchestra – ‘Don’t Move’ – Quintessentials
Gunnar Wendel – ‘578’ (Omar S Rude Boy Warm Mix) – FXHE Records
East Soul Person – ‘Untitled 1’ – Chiwax
XDB – ‘Bellsnwaves’ – Falkplatz
Schweiz Rec. – ‘Untitled B1’ – Workshop 15
Smallpeople – ‘Nofretete’ – Running Back
Innerspace Halflife – ‘Phazzled’ – M>0>S (Delsin)
Omar S – ‘Mayall II’ – FXHE Records
George P. – ‘On The Bound’ – Deep Series
Rick Wade – ‘Jaime’ – Hudd Traxx
Two Armadillos – ‘Phantom’ – Two Armadillos
Parallel 9 – ‘Dominus’ – Music Man Records
Delano Smith – ‘Trans’ – Third Ear Recordings
Recondite – ‘Dawn’ (RNDM Mix) – Plangent #005
Christopher Rau, Moomin – ‘A Place At Night’ – Slim Audio
Obsolete Music Technology – ‘Swell’ – Dolly
Juniper – ‘Selenic’ – Smallville Records

Patience is a virtue. I asked Subtrakt boss Rikki Newton if he had a mix I could play on the radio when Restless Beat was begining. He said he was planing a mix based around a brand new batch of records arriving from overseas. Let’s just say I’m glad we waited…

Expect to hear a well crafted mix of choice cuts of house that gently transition into more of a techno feel. You can clearly hear the Chicago House and Detroit Techno influences, though they feel fresh and new rather than nostalgic.

Rikki and Adam Swain have been running their Subtrakt parties at Barsoma for six years and will play a b2b set at Barsoma’s official closing party this Saturday 13 April 1am – 3am.

Download or stream the mix on Rikki Newton’s soundcloud here
Subtrakt on facebook here


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