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May 9, 2013 / restlessbeat

Lone Pariah


Lone Pariah

9 May 2013

Mix I

Chris Clark – ‘Pleen 1930’s’
The Black Dog – ‘Beep 1’
Mika Vainio – ‘Flame On (Instrumental Mix)’
Dj Signify – ‘Peek a Boo’
Speedy J – ‘The Oil Zone’
Keaver & Brause – ‘CSNR’
Plaid – ‘Durban Pain’
Claro Intelecto – ‘New Dawn’
Vibert/Simmonds – ‘Open File’
Lerosa – ‘Arctor’
Aarvarck – ‘Kikjoass’
Fatal Error – ‘Fatal Error Intro’
Robag Wruhme – ‘Fufo2’
Kalon – ‘Haiku (Female Edit)’
Byetone – ‘Plastic Star’
Byetone – ‘Plastic Star (Alva Noto Mix)’
Aphrohead – ‘In the Dark We Lay (Dave Clarke Mix)’
Len Faki – ‘BX 3’
The Sabres of Paradise – ‘Still Fighting’
Bas Moy – ‘Shogun (Diabla Diezco Mix)’
Radial – ‘Revolver (Oscar Mulero Mix)’
Andy Stott – ‘Hi Rise’
Substance & Vainqueur – ‘Libration’
Black Jazz Consortium – ‘Watching You Vouge’
Monolake – ‘Atlas’
Kalbata feat. Clapper Priest – ‘Solution’
Syntheme – ‘FabaceaeCpea’
Shitmat – ‘Just A B. Side’
Nebula Li – ‘C.O.D Driver’
Meat Beat Manifesto – ‘Hold The Mic!’
Jega – ‘Aerodynamic’
Shitmat – ‘Sniffer Dogd’
Bizzy B – ‘Twisted Mentazm’
10-20 – ‘Milvus’
Efdemin – ‘Acid Bells (Martyns Bittersweet Mix)’
Speedy J – ‘Ginger’

Mix II

Simon Bird – Wildman and the Woodwose (Adventures in Psychedelia)

Stream or DL here


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