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December 12, 2013 / restlessbeat

Coolhand Luke – Chic promo

Disco Demolition Night Comiskey Park, Chicago 1979

Disco Demolition Night
Comiskey Park, Chicago 1979

Coolhand Luke

‘Chic Promo’

12 December 2013

On July 12, 1979 at Chomiskey Park between the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers double header, Rock DJ Steve Dhal held an event that would signal the ‘death of disco’. Dhal’s ‘Disco Sux’ campaign culminated in ‘Disco Demolition Night’, where he organise for baseball fans to bring disco records to the game to be exploded in a crate in centre field.

Shit got out of hand. The crowd of somewhere between 50,000-90,000 was much larger and excited than anyone anticipated and after the detonation the excess records started flying from the stands like Frisbees as drunken fans stormed onto the field, trashing the joint. 39 people were arrested. No one was killed.

Critics of Disco Demolition Night claim that the strong undercurrent of hate for disco boiling to the surface that evening was racially and sexually based as disco was thought to be too black, too latin, and too gay for Middle America. Nile Rodgers from legendary disco band Chic likened it to a Nazi book burning.

So enough of the history lesson it’s time to segue into this weeks show!

Nile Rodgers and Chic are in town and playing a pretty special gig at the Tivoli Sunday 15. Nile Rogers wrote tonnes of songs and recently shot back into the limelight working closely with Daft Punk, but you might be surprised to know some of the hits he wrote include ‘Like a Virgin’ for Madonna, ‘Original Sin’ for INXS, ‘Let’s Dance’ for David Bowie, and ‘Upside Down’ for Diana Ross.

This weeks mix comes from Brisbane DJ, Coolhand Luke. Coolhand Luke will be supporting Nile Rodgers and has put together a 100% party starting mix of beaming disco, funk, and house.

So who is Coolhand Luke? Does he burn records? I dunno. Maybe. Fuck that would be cool, unless it was ignorantly racist or homophobic.

Coolhand Luke is one of Brisbane’s most experienced DJs with over 20 years experience. Hosing Sundae at the Brisbane Powerhouse, this is def one of the best Sunday sessions this town has. He has a extensive record collection and spins Funk, Soul, Disco, Afrobeat, driving Tech and Classic House with an Acid Jazz and Blues influence. Coolhand Luke has supported Robert Owens, Derek Carter, Mark Farina, Dj Spinna, Derrik May, King Brit, Nikodemus, Julius Papp, Lisa Shaw, Miguel Migs, Jimpster, Terrence Parker, Joey Negro, Brand New Heavies, Ewan Pearson, Random Soul, Culoe De Song, Karizma, and Andy Caldwell. Need we say more. Get on it.

Find our more about the gig here


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