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March 27, 2014 / restlessbeat

Four Layers of Zed


27 March 2014

Rikki Newton and Polo

It’s Brisbane Live Music Week and 4ZZZ is throwing a FREE party on Saturday to celebrate. Restless Beat is running the DJ Room in this four stage mini festival. The DJs on the bill demonstrate the flavours we love here at RB and the best aspects of dance floors in Brisbane, great records, great vibes and no time for BS. *There has been a last minute change in space and we have been moved from the upstairs room to the basement. Heaven to Hell.

Polo (Watch Your Step) 9pm – 11pm
Rikki Newton (Subtrakt) 11pm – 1am
Domestic Sphere (Restless Beat) 1am – close


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  1. paulo4066 / Mar 30 2014 1:53 am

    Great night RB, took me back to the dank dark Valley rat parties of the eighties. Do it again soon!

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